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My name is William Pora.  But that name only exists in business e-mails and on utility bills.  Most of the world knows me as Bill, my family knows me as Willy, and a very select few know me as Will.

I have lived in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and of course in the US.  Apart from four years in College Station Texas I have lived all of my adult life in Houston.

I am a geographer by education.  I used to be cartographer and GIS analyst for several years before my career morphed into a sales position for satellite imagery and GIS services.  Just to get this out of the way, my views are my own and do not reflect anyone else’s views whatsoever.  If you have a business or work related matter to discuss please do not contact me here.  Please contact me through my workplace.

I started writing stories online in the mid 90s.  Mostly using blogging utilities on websites or forums but never anything formal.  In order to organize a mass of musings that I have had over the years I finally decided to open this up



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  1. I read your entry on mtDNA group B4’5 which came up after a general search of this haplogroup. I too am a B4’5 after testing on Family Tree DNA. That’s common enough. However, what was a little more surprising is that I am also YDNA J2B2. My name is Jesse Perry and I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I thought the match was interesting enough to post this reply. Any thoughts or knowledge you can share about either haplogroup would be appreciated. I have done the basic research on both groups. Thanks. Jesse

  2. admin on April 27, 2015 at 6:14 PM said:

    It certainly is a rare combination

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