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Stipulated.  This is a bit of a filler post.  Woke up feeling somewhat off.  Not physically, just my mood.  A somewhat anxious and/or depressed mood, so I threw something together at the last second.  Somewhat interesting but really not up to snuff.  Maybe by Wednesday I will be back on form.


So the internet is supposed to be this big wonderland where you can find or do anything but lets face it most of us don’t look past Twitter and Facebook and 2 or 3 other websites.

To make your internet experience  a bit fuller here’s some of the better links out there

Google –  –  Ok this is a no brainer.  Its like the king of the web, anything you want to find is here.  Bing and Yahoo can protest all they want and I admit Google has done some dubious things in the past few years but still.

Wikipedia – – this is an online encyclopedia.  If you ever wondered what the exact atomic weight of Strontium was or just what the name of Cristina Aguillera’s second album was, it’s all here

Reuters – – although most people prefer CNN i find Reuters to be more impartial with more hard news and less gossip type stuff

CIA fact book – – facts about every country in the world.  So if you’re going to Turkmenistan next week you better read up on it.

Things to do –  – if you’re looking for something to do in your city this is a pretty good link to start looking in.

Time – – if you need to know the exact time

time converter – – if you want to call your friend in Australia check here first and make sure it’s not 3 AM

international calling – – if you call that guy you better know how to dial

Travel – – Somewhat pedestrian but reliable.

movies – – trying to remember the name of that actor in a movie you saw 20 years ago? it’s probably listed in here

Just a few things to make your lives easier.


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